April 22, 2018 — Mexico City

I had a very pleasant time last week in Mexico City. The weather, for one thing, was beautiful. While it was cold and rainy in Bethlehem, I enjoyed sunshine and warmth. Most important was the opportunity to visit our friends and colleagues there.

I landed on Monday after an early flight, and had time for some exercise before meeting Monse for dinner. I caught up on her family and ministry news, and we discussed her plans for the future. On Tuesday afternoon I attended the Large Group Meeting where Barush led worship. He is an amazing guitarist! Barush preached an outstanding sermon from Mark’s gospel and we all had lunch afterward. That evening I met with Matt Jesch from Mission to the World (MTW). He is based in Guadalajara and is the MTW person who supervises this ministry.

On Wednesday Matt and I met with Barush and Monose and four pastors to discuss a formal affiliation with RUF, just as we have with U.S. presbyteries. It was a productive discussion. One result was revealing a rift among some of the pastors. This is something we will be addressing. Please pray for us! It also became clear that Barush and Monse need to visit the churches to explain and promote campus ministry. Matt was very helpful throughout the week in discussing the issues with me. His ability to speak Spanish makes a huge difference.

Matt and I helped with English Club Wednesday afternoon, then met with Barush Thursday morning. Afterwards I walked to picturesque Coyoacan and worked in a coffee shop all afternoon. I returned Friday, and yesterday drove to Maryland for the baptism of Victoria, Daniel and Ginny’s baby. Ruth and I returned home this afternoon.

Campus visits are finished for this semester. In a week and a half we will leave for Florida for RUF’s Summer Conference. There’s a lot to do to get ready for that trip.