April 9, 2018 — Working at Home

OK, I’m back. That was the worst cold I’ve ever had. I took three naps on Monday, but began to recover rapidly after that.

It was a good thing I wasn’t planning to travel last week. As I was recovering, Kristy and I had an extended conversation about how to manage my database, I handled emails and phone calls. I finished my income tax returns, which was important because I will not be home much in the next two weeks. And I set up my new computer. The old one was getting miserably slow, and then the number keys stopped working. It was seven years old, so it was time for a new one anyway. I also prepared Ruth’s mother’s basement for insulators who will be coming in a couple of weeks.

On Friday and Saturday I attended Westminster Seminary’s Science and Faith conference with Jim Femister. The topic this year was Theistic Evolution, and the presentations were excellent. I saw a lot of friends and several of my seminary professors.

Yesterday Ruth and I left church and immediately drove to Morgantown to visit Peter and Megan and the grandchildren. We’re sharing the basement with 12 laying chicks. (The 55 meat chicks have been moved out to one of the sheds.) Today Peter and I head to Pittsburgh for the Mid-Atlantic staff meeting, and tomorrow I will drive to New England for the week.

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