April 2, 2018 — Maryland

I have a terrible cold. It snowed last night, but Benjamin is here for Easter, so he shoveled the sidewalks. I canceled today’s engagements, but I hope to be out again tomorrow. Pray for recovery!

Someone sideswiped me on the way home from Connecticut on Saturday, March 24. On Monday I was able to arrange a rental car and repairs on mine without too much difficulty. Nevertheless, I had to cancel my lunch appointment in D.C. On Tuesday I met with Chris Sicks, RUF committee chairman for the Potomac Presbytery. Matt Bowles, the RUF-I minister at George Mason University is taking a call to a church, and presbytery is in the process of bringing another man to replace him. They are also pretty serious about starting RUF at Howard University and a regular RUF at George Mason. After lunch with Chris, I drove over to Fairfax and toured George Mason. It used to be a predominantly commuter school, but they have built a lot of dorms recently. It should be a good place to do student ministry.

Tuesday night I had dinner with Chris Garriott and his interns. Chris had warned me that they would have just returned from a mission trip to El Salvador. Sure enough, they were exhausted, but full of excitement. On Wednesday I had breakfast with Chris, then coffee with Emily and lunch with Drew, the two interns. That evening I joined them for the Supper Club – their version of the weekly Large Group Meeting, which is a meal followed by singing and a sermon. This time instead of a sermon the mission team shared slides and testimonies about their trip. The mood of the group was noticeably upbeat. The upperclassmen are playing a leading role, and a lot of new students – freshmen and sophomores – have joined.

I drove home on Thursday, stopping in Baltimore to visit Stan Long, RUF committee chairman for the Chesapeake Presbytery. They are attempting to start RUF-I at Johns Hopkins University. There is a strong candidate and some start-up money, but there is not yet adequate church support. Apparently that is on the way, and Stan is confident that RUF-I will begin at Hopkins this year.

On Friday and Saturday I finished the composition and layout of the latest newsletter in between various chores. Benjamin came home for Easter, and he helped prepare a crawl space for insulators.

This week I’ll be home until the weekend. My priorities for this week are income taxes, prepare for staff meeting next Monday, and prepare a sermon for Brown RUF next Friday.