March 25, 2018 — Connecticut

First on the agenda for Thursday was to shovel out the cars. I cleared the sidewalks and shoveled out the cars before I went to bed Wednesday, but the snowplows came through in the night and piled snow up along the cars. We got over a foot of snow, so there was a lot to get out of the way. Not knowing what to expect on my trip to Connecticut, I kept on my boots and work clothes for the drive. It turned out that the farther north I went, the less snow I found. Connecticut was dry and bare except for shady areas and the piles in the parking lots.

I visited the Large Group Meeting on Thursday night. Some of last year’s members were not there, but I met a lot of new students. Lucas preached a beautiful sermon on the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and challenged everyone as to what extent we consistently welcome Jesus as our king. On Friday I participated in a conference call with the other coordinators, then spent the afternoon with Lucas Dourado, the campus minister.

In the evening I went to their house for dinner and was met at the door by their attack dog. Lily is not much bigger than a sizable cat, but she takes very seriously her role as protector of the premises. She only settled when threatened with being sent to the guest bedroom. We can only speculate when terrors reside in the guest bedroom. Later, however, she humbly approached for some attention. It was fun to see Margot (3.5) and Asher (1). Asher was initially shy, but he eventually came to sit on my lap. I suspect that part of my appeal was in allowing him to play with things his parents don’t permit.

Saturday I drove home. During my lunch stop a car raced by and almost took my door with it. A mechanic managed, with the help of a hammer, to close the door so that I could drive home.

Tomorrow I need to arrange for repairs, then drive to D.C. where I will spend the week visiting pastors, supporters, staff, and students.