March 21, 2018 — Ohio, WV, Millersville

I’m enjoying a snow day! I was supposed to be driving to Long Island to discuss starting RUF at Stony Brook University, but the threat of a foot of snow has everyone spooked. It’s wonderful to have a day at home with Ruth, but she has the annoying habit of working all day.

Last Monday (March 12 ) I drove to Akron, Ohio, to visit Nate and Naomi Bower and the RUF ministry at the University of Akron. This was my fourth trip to Akron, and the ministry has improved a lot in these two years. It no longer has the feel of “what are we doing here?” and is looking like a group that has direction and purpose. I had a wonderful time with Nate and Naomi and the students. Now that the ministry is taking shape, the next step is focused leadership development. Pray for this.

I got an early start on Thursday and drove to Pittsburgh to attend chapel at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I ran into an old friend, Jack Kinneer, who has been teaching there and we had a pleasant catch-up. Five students had signed up for our RUF lunch presentation, but 12 more added their names at the last minute. Callie Miller, our woman staff at the University of Pittsburgh, joined me to share about ministry opportunities in RUF. It was a good time with about 20 students and faculty, and we had enough food! Pray for God to call gifted men and women to serve Him with us on college campuses.

I met with an old friend in the afternoon and worked on reports in the evening. Since I was so closed to Morgantown, WV, I took Friday and Saturday off to help Peter with a major house project – moving a staircase. He had installed the new staircase, so we spent the time removing and closing in the hole of the old one.

I raced back to the Lehigh Valley to preach at the ordination of Michael Goodlin, our new campus minister at Lehigh University. I had to leave Morgantown before worship, so I stopped to worship at Faith Presbyterian in La Vale, MD. I was not expecting to see a guest preacher, but Derek Bates was startled to look out from the pulpit and see me sitting in the congregation! I arrived in time for the ordination service, and enjoyed the evening with those who came. I think I found a church-planter there for a new church in Stony Brook, Long Island, NY.

I had only a few hours at home that evening, and off to Millersville Monday morning. The last two days have been delightful with Trip and Joy Beans and a couple of students. Trip is just emerging from the most intense period of group development, and is starting to see his investment in student leaders pay off. I was planning to attend a Bible study last night, but it snowed all day in Millersville yesterday – so the Bible study was canceled. I checked out early and drove home last night.

I will reschedule my trip to Stony Brook for later in April. The snow is supposed to stop sometime tonight, so I still plan to go to Connecticut tomorrow.