February 17, 2018 — Assessment and Lehigh

This website is essentially finished. I’d like to add the RUF logo and some more pictures, but I need to find someone who can show me how to do that. Everything else from the old site is now here.

We finally made it to Atlanta for RUF Assessment! After repeated delays and a cancellation on Sunday, we caught the first flight on Monday and arrived only one hour late for the day’s activities. Ruth and I spent much of the time with one couple who already have some RUF experience and will be a good addition to our staff. The other candidates were wonderful, too! It’s great to meet these people before they take jobs all over the country.

We returned on Thursday in time for me to get dinner with students and attend a couple of meetings at Lehigh University. I spent most of Friday on campus with Michael Goodlin; Candace, his intern; and the Lehigh students. Michael is still on the steep part of the learning curve, but he is climbing rapidly. Today he was examined by presbytery for ordination and passed without incident.

Monday morning I head to the University of Delaware, and to Georgia in the second part of the week for a national fund-raising event.

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