February 25, 2018 — Delaware and Georgia

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Nick and Erin Owens at the University of Delaware. This RUF is in its third year, but they have grown rapidly. There is still much room for improvement, but for the third year they are terrific. My only concern is that they not over-extend themselves in their zeal to reach the University of Delaware campus. I visited a Bible study, met several outstanding student leaders, and saw baby Abby for the first time.

I returned to Bethlehem in time to meet Michael Goodlin and a student who needed some help from me. I thought I had all evening to pack, but the day race by more quickly than I expected.

On Thursday Ruth and I got up at 4:15 to catch our 6:00 flight to Georgia for a national RUF fund-raising event. All the coordinators were there, and potential supporters from all over the country. It was a wonderful success! We raised a lot of money for RUF, but just as important, supporters were encouraged and relationships were deepened. The warm, sunny weather was a bonus to the weekend!

I thought I would have a couple of days in the office, but Monday and Tuesday have started to fill up. On Wednesday I head to Vermont.

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