January 14, 2018 — Computer, Letter, IUP

Last week was very productive in spite of the fact that everything took longer than anticipated. In addition to the routine office work, I worked on three projects.

After Kristy left the office on Monday Benjamin and I installed a new, much faster hard drive on the office computer. It had become so slow as to be almost unusable. Rather than replace the whole computer, we installed an SSD (solid state drive). That meant reinstalling Windows and all the programs we use. I finished sometime on Wednesday, and it is performing like new!

Next up was the semi-annual family newsletter. I received all the material by Tuesday, but it took a while to collect my own thoughts. I finally finished it yesterday – two days behind schedule. If you want to receive family news, but don’t currently, contact us at Northeast@ruf.org.

Meanwhile, I spoke at length to two men who are interested in our new ministry at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Tomorrow I will speak to another person who might consider this position. Pray for God to provide someone!

While I have been toiling away at home, Ruth has spent this weekend in New York City at the RUF Wives Retreat. I hear they haven’t been getting much sleep, but have been having a great time.

This week I will begin campus visits. First up are Rowan University and Delaware State University.

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