April 9, 2017 — New England

Last week started with the Mid-Atlantic staff all coming to Bethlehem for our spring staff meeting. Nate Bower came the farthest – from Akron Ohio! In the fall we’ll meet on the western side of the area. We had a good time in prayer and discussion.

Just before dinner on Monday Ruth got a call from Ginny, Daniel’s wife, that their baby was on the way. Ruth and I decided that the best plan was to go to Maryland separately. She jumped into the car, and arrived in Annapolis in time to see the baby being born. I followed a couple of hours later and arrived about when they were letting others in to see her. Victoria Jayne and mom are doing very well! Ruth and I stayed overnight at Daniel’s house.

The next morning we paid a visit to “Queen Victoria.” Ruth stayed until afternoon, but I headed to New England. My first stop was the session of Presbyterian Church of Coventry, where Lucas and Maggie Dourado at UConn worship. I had a pleasant visit with those men, then headed to Boston.

My primary reason for visiting Boston was to meet with the RUF committee chairman for southern New England to discuss starting RUF at Johnson and Wales University in Providence. We had a productive meeting, and agreed on some next steps. I also visited with Solomon Kim at MIT and Jeremy Mullen at Harvard.

Wednesday evening I visited with two members of the session at Trinity Presbyterian in Providence to continue the discussion about Johnson and Wales. It was another productive discussion.

I spent Thursday with Eddie Park at Brown University, with a break to see his intern. It’s been a challenging semester for Eddie with storm cancellations and kid illnesses, but he and Annie are hanging in there. We discussed getting Eddie some badly needed administrative assistance. Eddie and I spent Friday together until I had to leave for New York.

Ruth and I were invited to the wedding of Dave McClelland – early Lehigh RUF alumnus – in Schenectady, NY. Ruth drove to Elmsford, NY, and met me there Friday afternoon. Then we drove together to Schenectady on Saturday. It was a wonderful wedding! We got home last night.

This week I have to do a lot of office work. I’ll spend Thursday on campus at Lehigh with Scott Mitchell.