April 28, 2017 — Connecticut, Misc.

Time sure flies! Part of the reason I’ve missed the last couple of weeks is that I’ve been taking a nap on Sunday afternoon, when I often write these reports.

We’re in that strange end-of-semester lull where school is still in session, but with exams and deadlines upon us, students are less available. That’s why I don’t plan any major trips at the end of April.

I left you at the beginning of Passion Week. The highlight of that week was my campus visit to Lehigh University. I spent most of Thursday with Scott Mitchell, including Noon Prayer. Scott has been a wonderful campus minister at Lehigh. The other major activity in Passion Week was a plumbing project – rerouting water lines that always freeze in the winter. I had a lot of prep work to do, and then a kid from our church who is now a professional plumber came and helped me make the final connections. Success! Then there were taxes.

Our presbytery met on Tuesday of Easter Week. Strangely, I had a huge weird desire not to go. I went anyway, and it was a good day. I left for Connecticut on Wednesday, but first Ruth and I had breakfast with Peter, Megan, and Isaac. They had flown in from Alaska to look for a house in West Virginia. We had a delightful breakfast, then went our separate ways. (They found a house!)

I had a good visit at UConn. That ministry struggled for a few years, even though Lucas labored diligently. It has really blossomed this year, and it was great to spend a couple of days with Lucas and Maggie, his interns, and his students.

This week I’ve been to tied to my computer much of the time. I made two trips to West Chester. One was a fundraising visit for Rowan University RUF, and one was to check up on a pastor and explore possible new RUF ministries.

Next week I have one trip scheduled to New Jersey, and I might add another to Philadelphia. Otherwise, I’ll be here getting ready for three weeks of RUF summer conference!