April 2, 2017 — NJ, Maryland, and Lehigh

We’ve filled two new RUF positions in the Mid-Atlantic! Peter Green will be starting RUF at West Virginia University, and Brent Kilman will be starting at Rowan University in New Jersey. I spent a good part of last week writing up instructions for launching a fund-raising campaign, and on Tuesday I met with Brent to go over them. We’re off and running! Peter and Brent have to raise a lot of money. Pray for God to send them many generous donors!

After lunch with Brent I headed on down to College Park, MD, to see Chris Garriott. I also met with his intern and with a student who is considering the internship. That evening I attended the weekly Large Group Meeting. Chris realized last year that too many students could not make it to Large Group as it was, so he reorganized it as the RUF Supper Club. A wonderful crowd of students came out for a meal, singing, testimonies, and a message.

I drove back to Bethlehem on Thursday in time to attend a Bible study at Lehigh University. It was a very good discussion about Gideon, with a Mormon, an atheist, and a nominal Catholic attending, along with some Christian students.

I’ve spent the weekend preparing the spring Northeast area newsletter, which should hit the mailboxes next week. If you do not receive our newsletter, but want to, contact us at Northeast@ruf.org.

Tomorrow the Mid-Atlantic staff are coming to Bethlehem for our spring staff meeting. Then Tuesday I head to New England to visit ministers, churches, and students. This is a packed week. Pray for travels!