March 26, 2017 — Mexico City

Ruth and I had a wonderful time with RUF in Mexico City last week. We arrived Thursday, March 16, and participated in the English Club on Friday. On Saturday we visited San Angel, a charming town within Mexico City, where the square was filled with street vendors. Ruth bought two presents for our grandchildren. Sunday we worshiped with Victor Cruz at El Redentor Presbyterian Church and spent the rest of the day in the square of Coyoacan – another wonderful town within Mexico City. Monday was a holiday, so the RUF staff and student leaders joined some local churches in a park for games and a picnic. It was a great opportunity to interact with pastors and students

When we arrived in Mexico I was asked to preach the following Tuesday, so I spent spare moments preparing a sermon, and finished Monday night. Tuesday I preached on Old Testament examples of serving God in our work at the Large Group meeting. I had meetings with our staff, Barush and Monse, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ruth was a huge encouragement to everyone, but particularly to the women. We returned on Thursday and have been catching up since on mail, email, chores, etc.

Brent Kilman has been called, and accepted, to be the starting pastor for RUF at Rowan University in New Jersey! Now he needs to raise a lot of money to pay for it. Pray for Brent’s fundraising efforts! I will be meeting with him on Tuesday on my way to Maryland, where I will visit RUF at the University of Maryland. At the end of the week I plan to visit Lehigh University here in Bethlehem. Pray for good visits this week.