March 16, 2017 — Atlanta and New York City

Last Monday I flew to Atlanta for the spring meeting of the RUF national oversight committee. I gave a brief report to members of the executive committee and participated in the audit sub-committee. “Participated” is a bit misleading since I know nothing about audits except that it’s good when income exceeds expenses. I’m happy to say that our auditor gave RUF a glowing report. Dinner that evening provided an opportunity for coordinators and committee members to interact.

Tuesday the whole committee met. RUF is doing really well, and we finished our business before lunch! Kevin Teasley, our director of development, shared plans for a major fund-raising event next year. Since we finished early, we coordinators took part of the afternoon to discuss some of our business. The longest discussion was how to improve the way we communicate the abilities of the men who come through our assessment. The point is to do a better job of directing them to campuses where we think they will succeed.

We finished our meeting early on Wednesday. I took a nap, got some much-needed exercise, and worked on email. Thursday I flew home and joined my presbytery at our annual retreat, already in process.

I began this week with a bus trip to New York City for the spring meeting of the New England and New York ministers. Weather issues and other problems meant that only half of the men were able to come, but we had a valuable time together. I had tried to reschedule and had thought about canceling the meeting, but I’m very glad we met.

In between all this travel I’ve been fielding a lot of phone calls and emails from potential interns and campus ministers, and generally keeping things going. Today Ruth and I are on our way to Mexico City to see Barush and Lanu Sanchez and Monse Santiago and RUF at the national university in Mexico City. Barush was ordained last week! We’re looking to plan for further development of this important ministry. We’ll be there until next Thursday. Pray for a profitable trip.