January 11, 2017 — Chicago

This week when I should be back in high gear, I am struggling with a bad cold. I hope this post will be coherent!

We had a very good coordinators retreat last week. Chicago was mild on Tuesday, but then temperatures plummeted. Everyone had taken multiple layers of clothing, so even the southerners were able to take the 20 minute walk to dinner in the single digit cold. At least there was no trouble traveling. Bill Vogler, pastor of Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, Kansas, taught on what makes a strong team. Thursday night I was able to visit old friends Rich and Theresa Coffeen who live north of Chicago.

Saturday night Ruth and I went to the Twelfth Night Pageant at a local Lutheran Church. It is a wonderful, fun, eclectic celebration of the coming of the Christ Child.

I hope that I’ll be able to put in a full day of work tomorrow. Ruth will leave tomorrow for the RUF wives retreat in New York City. She’s recovering from a bad cold also. Pray for God to give us full health soon.