January 23, 2017 — Recovery and Planning

It took two weeks, but I’m back to normal. Ruth not quite, but getting there. Those were some of the worst colds we’ve ever had.

Since my last report I’ve been preparing for spring semester travels. Of course that means finalizing the calendar, buying airline tickets, and reserving hotels. It also means getting everything in order in the office and at home for three months mostly away. I cleaned debris from the office, charted the house circuits with Benjamin, put away the Christmas decorations, etc. By Friday I felt well enough to tackle a strenuous project – rerouting some water lines. I also prepared a family newsletter. If you don’t receive these and want to, email us at Northeast@ruf.org

I’m taking a lunch break now as I drive to State College for my campus visit. Then I’ll head to Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Pray for us!