January 3, 2017 — Christmastide!

Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!

The Green family is enjoying a delightful Christmas season. We entertained Ruth’s brother Peter and his family from North Carolina the weekend before Christmas. Later that week Benjamin returned from Grove City College and Daniel and Ginny arrived from Maryland. We enjoyed all the Christmas traditions, with one twist – Ginny prepared Christmas dinner! It was so good, we’ve nominated her to continue this as a new tradition.

Last Tuesday Ruth and I drove to Maryland to visit my brothers. While we were there I spent all evening and most of the next day getting Allan’s new printer to work. It used to be that it took some effort to get peripherals working on a computer system. Then came the “plug and play” era where things worked right out of the box. Now we’re back to the bad old days of struggle to connect printers. I think it’s working now. At least it was when I left.

Meanwhile we have been waiting for Peter and Megan’s baby to arrive. Megan gave birth on Thursday to a nine pound boy! Megan and the baby are fine. She and Peter are still working on a name.

I’ve been taking daily breaks from all these holiday events to keep up with ministry business and continue cleaning and organizing my office. Today I am headed to Chicago for our annual coordinators retreat. Already I’ve heard that weather has delayed some flights, so we’ll see who actually arrives by dinner tonight.