December 20, 2016 — Office Catch-up!

Last week was the first time I can remember (which probably means about 2 months) that I had a week in the office without a major project, like a newsletter. Bonnie, my assistant, and I have been cleaning out old, formerly useful books and materials, and reorganizing the office. Over the past 30 years I’ve periodically thrown out stuff, but the renovation project this summer was an occasion to do a thorough housecleaning. Speaking of the renovation project, there was one element that was not complete. So I spent several hours most days last week installing insulation and drywall in a very drafty, but very hard to access corner of the third floor.

Of more interest to the general public, I had several profitable phone conversations, and spent most of Wednesday in New Jersey. I visited another pastor about supporting RUF at Rowan University, and I think his church will join the support network. I also visited the New Jersey RUF committee chairman. Now that we have met with the largest churches in the presbytery, our next move is to seek support from individuals. Rowan RUF is moving along! Pray for support!

Over the weekend we were treated to a visit from Ruth’s brother Peter and his family from North Carolina. I also had to take care of some leaking plumbing. This week I’ll be back in the office and getting ready to celebrate the incarnation of our Lord!