December 10, 2016 — RUF Staff Training

I’m on the last leg of my trip home from RUF Staff Training in Denver. Staff training is always good, but tiring. I did some teaching, met with everyone I supervise plus some, and attended some of the other sessions. My ministers had a good fall and are well-situated for the spring semester. The biggest event was all-day Wednesday teaching by Tim Keller. He opened the day helping us to stay spiritually fresh, then spent the rest of the time in cultural reflection and analysis.

Barush and Monse from Mexico were there. When I visited them in September, I gave them a thorough briefing on how to prepare for winter in Colorado. They came with winter clothes, and a good thing – temperatures plunged into single digits during the week. On the plus side, we had a bit of snow. Barush and Monse brought good news. Barush has passed his licensure exams, and a student had become a Christian. Then another student in Mexico came to Christ this week!

Other good news is that our son Peter this week accepted a call to the RUF position at West Virginia University! I think it’s going to be a busy spring for them – and us!

I finished my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow on the flight from Denver to Atlanta. Next week my primary scheduled event is a trip to New Jersey to meet another pastor there.