December 4, 2016 — Office and Lehigh

People are often surprised at how much I travel. I love traveling, and consider it one of the perqs of my job, not a trial. Nevertheless, I’m always glad for the end of the semester and to spend a week or two at home. I’m not always able to stay at home – things come up – but I try!

Thanksgiving week was a nice break. I worked in the office the first half of the week, and focused on house projects the second half. Which meant that there wasn’t much to report! Last week I got busy preparing the winter newsletter and doing other business. I made a quick trip to Maryland to deliver a new computer which I had configured to my brother Allan. Friday I had a wonderful time with Scott Mitchell at Lehigh University, meeting his students and discussing the ministry there. Saturday morning I sent the newsletter to the printer.

This morning I began teaching a three-month adult Sunday School class on Colossians in our church. Now I’m in the Atlanta airport – a layover in my trip to Denver. This week is RUF staff training, and tomorrow will begin with a breakfast meeting at 7:30 am, Mountain Time!