November 21, 2016 — New England, Maryland, Atlanta, West Virginia

It’s been a whirlwind four weeks, as perhaps you guessed by the lack of reports. I will spare you the details and just hit the highlights.

I left you on October 24 when Ruth and I were in Kansas visiting Jon and Trisha Dunning in Manhattan – the “Little Apple.” We had a fine time with Jon and Trisha and the RUF students there. Before leaving we had a chance to visit the Kansas State Insect Museum, where Ruth got to pet a tarantula.

On November 1 I drove to New England. I met with a pastor and elder in Concord, NH, and spent a couple of days with Eddie and Annie Park at Brown University in Providence, RI. Eddie has a wonderful ministry, and I was pleased to meet two students who are considering ministry. On Friday all the New England RUF ministers came to Providence and we spent the day together. Saturday morning I had a good meeting with the elders of the PCA church in town.

On Monday, November 7, the Mid-Atlantic staff met in State College, PA. From there I drove to Maryland to visit some men interested in RUF and to see Chris Garriott and RUF at the University of Maryland. In this university with many commuters the RUF group was having trouble attracting members. This year they decided to meet earlier, over dinner. Attendance has tripled! On Wednesday Chris gave a terrific message on a Christian view of the arts, followed by a talent show!

On November 10 John Stone came to town. We presented RUF at Westminster Seminary and discussed ministry the next day.

Last week Ruth and I flew to Atlanta for a meeting of coordinators. Ruth came back on Tuesday, and I returned on Wednesday, in time to drive out to Altoona. On Thursday I continued to Indiana, PA, to see Indiana University of Pennsylvania. We’re hoping to start an RUF ministry there next year. On Friday I drove to Morgantown, WV, to see West Virginia University – also where we hope to start an RUF ministry. On the way back I was able to stop in Hagerstown, MD, to visit my brothers.

This week and next I don’t have any travel plans! I’ll catch up in the office, prepare the winter newsletter and next week visit the ministry at Lehigh University.