October 24, 2016 — Atlanta, Minneapolis, Manhattan, Lincoln

Last week at this time I was in Atlanta for intern training. I taught a session on setting goals, which I thought was rather ordinary, but seemed surprisingly helpful.

On Wednesday I flew to St. Paul, Minnesota, where I was joined by Ruth. We had dinner with Brandon and Erin Haan that evening, and I spent the next day with Brandon, discussing his ministry at the University of Minnesota. I visited his leaders meeting and his large group meeting that evening. This is Brandon’s second year, and his ministry is developing nicely. Pray for God to help Brandon adapt to Minnesota, and for the ministry to prosper.

I had breakfast with Brandon Friday morning, then Ruth and I spent a couple of hours at the Mall of America before leaving Minneapolis. Neither of us are shoppers, but it seemed like we should see the biggest mall in the country while we were in town. Then we flew to Kansas City and drove to Manhattan, Kansas to visit Jon and Trisha Dunning at Kansas State University.

I’m afraid I tend to be all business on these trips, but with Ruth along we decided to catch a football game. We’ve been to a fair number of Lehigh University games, but never to a major football stadium. Jon got tickets last April for us to see a Kansas State game, and that was our plan for Saturday. We didn’t count on it’s being homecoming weekend, and the town was packed. Every hotel, restaurant, and sidewalk was crawling with purple crowds here for the game. We had a wonderful time due to Jon and Trisha’s assistance as they shepherded us around and explained things. Kansas State’s win over the Texas Longhorns helped to make it a happy occasion.

We got up early Sunday morning and drove to Lincoln, Nebraska to see Hans and Hannah Agarwal and baby Cayden. We arrived in time for worship at Zion Presbyterian Church and afterward Hannah provided a wonderful dinner, including pumpkin pie. Since it was a feast day, and since it was pumpkin, I allowed Hans to persuade me to have two pieces!

This week I am visiting Jon Dunning, checking out RUF at Kansas State. On Thursday I will be meeting pastors in New Jersey to line up support for RUF at Rowan University.