September 18, 2016 — Penn State and Pittsburgh

I arrived home from Mexico late last Monday. Tuesday morning I had time to supervise a plumbing repair job and some other work on the house before I set out for New Jersey. I had an excellent meeting with a pastor regarding our interest in starting RUF at Rowan University, then headed toward State College, PA. I had to navigate through the center of Philadelphia, with the attendant traffic problems, and arrived in State College at night.

I spent Wednesday with Joe Denitici, talking about the ministry this year and some of the men in his ministry who are considering full-time ministry. We had a nice dinner that night with Melissa.

On Thursday I got up early to drive to Pittsburgh to visit Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I arrive in time for chapel where I was introduced and an RUF sponsored pizza lunch was promoted. About 15 people came to lunch to hear about RUF and consider a job with us upon graduation. Although this is the denominational seminary of a denomination different than the PCA, I was very warmly received and had good conversations about RUF. Pray for God to lead gifted men into RUF positions.

I hustled back to State College for dinner with three Penn State men who are leaders in the RUF ministry there. Joe preached a moving sermon from Hosea at the Large Group meeting that night, and I enjoyed meeting many of the RUF students. This ministry at Penn State is solid, but there is always room for growth. Pray for God to continue to prosper Joe’s work there.

Joe and I finished my visit with breakfast on Friday morning, and I drove home. Yesterday I attended our presbytery meeting in Philadelphia, and today Christopher visited us prior to his leaving for Azerbaijan in two weeks.

Tomorrow Ruth and I are going to Delaware to see Nick and Erin Owens at the University of Delaware. Wednesday Ruth will return for her class, while I go on to Dover to see the newlyweds Daryl and Laria Wattley.