September 12, 2016 — Visit to RUF in Mexico

I’m in the airport waiting to board for the flight home. It’s been a wonderful week in Mexico. This is the highlights report. The next post will be more detailed.

I arrived last Monday, having mostly finished the sermon I was to give to the students on Tuesday. Tuesday morning I finished my sermon, then met Matt Jesch from MTW. He is the new MTW contact for our work here, and it was wonderful to spend a couple of days with him. I think the students responded well to my sermon that afternoon, even in translation.

Wednesday morning Matt and I met with Marco, one of the Mexican pastors assisting this ministry. Then Matt and I went to English Club. 30 students came this time! Lunch followed, as with every afternoon event.

Matt flew back home to Guadalajara on Thursday, and I spent much of the day preparing for the apologetics seminar coming up, and keeping in touch with stateside business. We expected 6-12 students at the apologetics seminar on Friday, but 32 came, including about 10 non-Christians! I was impressed at their attentiveness, and some stayed an hour and a half afterward to talk further. Pray for God to continue His powerful work among students at this university!

Saturday morning I met Barush’s father, also a pastor and officer in the General Assembly. The president of his presbytery also joined us. This was an important step in expanding RUF’s presence in the Mexican church. That evening I attended a Mexican Independence Day celebration in his church. Yesterday I worshipped in Marco’s church and received a very warm welcome. Pray for the Mexican church to grow in its support of campus ministry.

Tomorrow I will meet a pastor in New Jersey, then head to Penn State and Pittsburgh.