September 27, 2016 — Gaining Traction in Delaware

I was thrilled that Ruth decided to accompany me to visit Nick and Erin Owens and the RUF ministry at the University of Delaware. We drove to Newark, Delaware on Monday and had dinner with Nick and Erin, who weathered their first fall outreach season with a new baby impressively well. This was only their second year on campus, but their ministry is picking up speed quickly. On Tuesday Ruth visited with Erin while Nick and I met with a succession of students throughout the day, punctuated by discussions of his ministry. I attended Nick’s evening Bible study, then Ruth and I had a Turkish dinner at Ali Baba restaurant.

Ruth had to return to Allentown for her English class on Wednesday. Nick and I continued our discussion in the morning, then I headed to Dover to see Daryl Wattley.

Daryl married Laria last month, and I was eager to see how they are getting along – especially since fall outreach occurred immediately after the honeymoon. Daryl and Laria are a happy couple and a lot of new students are coming to RUF, so somehow Daryl and Laria skillfully navigated fall outreach.

Daryl and I treated ourselves to an IHOP breakfast Thursday morning, met with Kenny Foster (Delaware RUF committee chairman) at noon, and went to the Large Group Meeting at 7:00 PM. By 7:00 there were less than 10 people in the room – no surprise, since students tend to arrive late. Fifteen minutes later there were twice as many students and we started the meeting. Daryl is a gifted preacher, and he held our rapt attention as he preached from Haggai. By 7:30 there were about 30 students, and more arrived as Daryl preached. It was a wonderful meeting with a beautiful spirit.

God is richly blessing these two relatively new RUF ministries in Delaware. Pray for Nick and Erin, Daryl and Laria to prosper in their ministries!

On Saturday I drove to Newark, NJ for my Global Access interview. With the international travel I do, this will speed me through customs. I spent the rest of the weekend on house chores, which consumed the whole weekend.

So now I am in Burlington visiting John and Megan Meinen, and tomorrow I head to Connecticut to visit Lucas and Maggie Dourado. More on these travels next week.