August 30, 2016 — Starting New RUF Ministries

How time flies! A week from today I’ll be in Mexico, and then on the road for much of the time until Thanksgiving. Only a few days left to get everything in order before I leave.

So that’s what I’m doing last week and this week. I still have some dates to nail down, meetings to schedule, and airline tickets to purchase. I’m working on a newsletter and other office projects.

The biggest and most interesting projects these days are the new RUF ministries we are attempting for 2017. I’ve been on the phone and email every day with pastors, coordinators, and candidates. At Indiana University of Pennsylvania we need to find a church planter before we can call an RUF minister. Pray for a church planter for the town of Indiana in western Pennsylvania! At Rowan University in south Jersey and West Virginia University in Morgantown, we are in the process of rounding up sufficient start-up funds. I think we are going to accomplish this, but it’s a lot of work. Pray for funds! When we see the necessary funds are in place, we will begin looking at candidates to start these ministries.