August 24, 2016 — Fundraising and Family

Well, it’s been a busy month! I left you just after I arrived in Baltimore on July 29 for a week of fundraising with Barush and his wife Lanu, our Mexican staff.

We had a profitable week in the D.C. area. We worshiped at Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church (PCA) on Sunday and were given an enthusiastic reception there. On Monday we met with the mission committee of Shady Grove Presbyterian Church and were received warmly. We also met with individuals who are interested in supporting our work in Mexico. You can join in supporting them here. I trust that God will provide support adequate to our needs from these sources. Pray for it!

Between fundraising appointments we had some time to spend in picturesque Annapolis, and later Barush and Lanu spent a day in D.C. while I worked on email and sermon prep. Barush and Lanu flew home on Friday, August 5, and immediately plunged into outreach for the new semester, which began the following week.

The words for the past two weeks are “family” and “projects.” Christopher brought a friend to visit the first weekend of August, and I rode home with them from the Baltimore airport. Stephen had already arrived from Korea for a two week visit. We had a pleasant whirlwind weekend, then had a combined Daniel-Benjamin birthday dinner in Annapolis on Monday night. Ruth flew to Alaska on Wednesday the 10th to help with the grandchildren during Megan’s pregnancy. That’s when the projects began…

I’ll spare you the details. We planned to insulate the third floor and upgrade the electrical service – both badly needed. The later revealed a hole in the sewer line, so now we also have a plumbing project. Stephen and I tore out the plaster so that we could insulate the third floor, but the day we had available was almost 100° and 100% humidity. I couldn’t have done it without Stephen. Two weeks later it has morphed into a more complex project than anticipated. Meanwhile I’ve been working on our new RUF ministries planned for 2017: Rowan University, West Virginia University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I also managed to get down to Dover for Daryl Wattley’s ordination and wedding – on either end of the same week!

Ruth returns tomorrow, and Saturday Benjamin heads off for his sophomore year at Grove City College. On campus students are arriving and campus ministers are busy reaching out to them. I am planning my fall calendar and taking care of a seemingly never-ending stream of office business. Pray for RUF as this new school year begins!