September 4, 2016 — The Calm Before the Storm

I preached at Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church this morning, and no one ran out. My sermon was “A People Loved by God,” Deuteronomy 7:6-10.

Tomorrow I fly to Mexico for a week. It’s going to be an exciting trip, and I’m eager to see everyone there, but it means the beginning of travel season. The sleepy days of August are over.

Hardly sleepy! The first week I was fundraising with Barush, our Mexican staff. Then three weeks of family and home projects, including the overwhelming third floor insulation project. Last week was calmer. Every day I was working on our new RUF projects at Rowan, West Virginia, and IUP. I prepared today’s sermon and began another one. I made travel arrangements into November. I wrote a family newsletter. (If you want to get it, and don’t – email my office RUF Northeast.) And I was able to make time to read! Earlier this month I finished Center Church by Tim Keller – an excellent work on starting and growing churches. For my birthday Christopher got me a fat book, The Great Game, about the race between Britain and Russia for control of central Asia in the 19th century. It has prompted numerous reflections on international politics.

On Wednesday I was asked to preach at the RUF meeting in Mexico this Tuesday. I have tomorrow to get a sermon ready! Pray for that, and for my whole time in Mexico. The ministry is thriving and growing, which means we need to make some adjustments to keep pace.