July 29, 2016 — Staff Training

Ruth and I had a very good week at staff training in Atlanta. I flew down last Saturday, arriving at 8:30 AM. I spent the next four hours preparing for staff training, and then picked up Monse at the airport. We checked in at the hotel and each took a nap to refresh from the very early travels. We returned to the airport at 9:00 PM to pick up Barush and his wife Lanu.

Sunday morning we all drove to Athen, GA, to attend Redeemer PCA. Hal Farnsworth, the senior pastor, was formerly an RUF minister, and he gave us a warm welcome. After worship we had a delightful lunch at the home of the mission committee chairman. We were so welcomed by Redeemer, and encouraged that they are supporting our work in Mexico. Later on Sunday we toured the World of Coke and had dinner in an Irish pub in downtown Atlanta. Meanwhile Ruth flew into town.

I spent Monday morning training the Mexican staff, then after lunch the main staff training program began. Ruth attended several wives meetings and other sessions. I managed to meet one to one with everyone I supervise to go over their plans for the fall. This is an extraordinarily productive exercise, as it allows me to head off potential problems before they arise. Pray for our campus ministers as they prepare to begin a new year of ministry.

I also spent time in email and on the phone working on our new RUF ministries. We’re hoping to start RUF groups at West Virginia University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Rowan University in New Jersey. There is a lot of work to start a new ministry. I also consulted with office staff about how best to direct our work in Mexico. Pray for wisdom, and for God’s blessing!

Now Ruth is flying home and I am flying to Baltimore. Tomorrow we have a fundraising event for Barush near Annapolis, and we will be meeting with potential donors in the D.C. area all next week. Pray for God to provide supporters for Barush’s ministry!