July 23, 2016 — Preparation

I’m waiting in the Lehigh Valley Airport, about to embark on a two week trip. Next week is staff training, and then a week of fundraising with Barush Sanchez, our Mexican staff.

This was a good week. I met with Scott Mitchell to go over his summer report, but otherwise it was filled with email and preparation for the next two weeks. I read the reports of the other ministers and prepared for my part of staff training. I spent a lot of time emailing people to arrange the schedule for our fundraising visits.

Last year was our first experience with Mexican staff, and we asked them to raise funds for one year. The ministry went well, so we’re planning to continue this way. This summer we need to raise continuing funds and increase the amount. We would like to add health insurance, and increase their time from half-time to 3/4 time. Monse Santiago will be visiting supporters and potential supporters in various places, and I will be taking Barush Sanchez to visit people in the D.C. area. It has taken most of the week to set this up. Pray for successful fundraising!