July 18, 2016 — RUF Assessment

I am sitting here facing a week with only two appointments. It should be a relaxing week, but I have a feeling it won’t be.

Last week Ruth and I flew to Atlanta on Sunday evening, and the week never slowed down. The previous week (July 4-9) was a solid week of preparing for RUF Assessment and upcoming events. Everything fell into place, and we were ready to head out last Sunday. Monday morning I met with Tom Cannon, RUF National Coordinator, to discuss the developing Mexican ministry. We concluded with a solid action plan. Then all the coordinators and office heads met in the afternoon.

RUF Assessment began Monday night, and we were busy non-stop until Thursday afternoon. Ten couples and three single men came to be evaluated for RUF ministry. Assessment is always fun, encouraging, demanding, and exhausting. The encouraging part is seeing how God is always preparing men and women to go out and serve Him. These thirteen couples and singles show a lot of promise!

The earliest flight we could get to Allentown was at 9:15 PM Thursday night. Then they delayed it an hour, so it was after midnight when we arrived home. Friday I had a long, helpful conference call with two MTW missionaries in Mexico about Mexican RUF.

This week I’ll be getting ready for staff training next week, reading summer campus reports from all the men I supervise, and lining up fund-raising appointments for our Mexican staff the week after training.