May 29, 2016 — Pray for Melissa

Last week was going to be a peaceful week at home. The first part of the week was. I got home from the Jersey Shore RUF conference Sunday afternoon and slept in Monday morning. I was more tired than I realized! We worked through things at home until Wednesday. That’s when we learned that Melissa Dentici was in trouble.

Joe Dentici is the RUF minister at Penn State. He and Melissa moved there from Birmingham two years ago, and they’ve been doing outstanding work on campus. This winter they were delighted to learn that Melissa was pregnant. Melissa began having some health issues while they were at RUF Summer Conference in Florida, but on Wednesday she was diagnosed with serious complications related to the pregnancy.

The rest of the week has been packed with prayer, struggle to know how to help, and two trips to Hershey Medical Center. Ruth and I went out for a short visit on Thursday, but we felt the need to return on Friday. We spent all afternoon and evening with Joe and Melissa and their two children. Pastor Bob Eickelberg, his wife, and members of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg have been a huge help.

It seems like everything went so fast. It was discovered that the baby would never be able to survive outside the womb, which of course was heartbreaking to hear. At that point the question was how to preserve Melissa’s health. On Friday evening the baby was delivered, and Melissa began recovering.

Pray for Joe and Melissa. Melissa needs to heal physically, but the greater hurt is the loss of their baby.

This afternoon Ruth and I are heading to Newark for a flight to Mexico tomorrow. Yesterday I was asked to preach at the Large Group meeting on Tuesday, so you could pray for me, too.