June 6, 2016 — Mexico

Last Monday Ruth and I woke early to catch our flight to Mexico City. We had been warned about unusually long security lines at the airport, but we discovered that Memorial Day is a good day to fly – the airport and airplane were not crowded at all.

A few days earlier I had been asked to preach at the RUF Large Group meeting on Tuesday, so I spent the five-hour flight preparing a sermon. Monday night we had a nice dinner with Monse and Lizet. Monse and Barush are leading the RUF ministry at the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), and Lizet has been a priceless helper. Barush had a seminary class that night.

Tuesday morning I worked in the hotel while Ruth and Monse went shopping for food for lunch after the Large Group meeting. I think my sermon connected with the students, with Monse translating. Lunch followed, and in the evening we talked with Barush and Monse about the ministry.

RUF in Mexico is actually a ministry of Mission to the World (MTW), the foreign mission agency of the PCA. RUF serves as a consultant for campus ministry. Last spring we invited Barush and Monse each to work half-time leading RUF at the UNAM for one year. One goal of this trip was to evaluate this past year and decide what to do next.

Barush and Monse have been sending monthly reports all year, so I knew that the ministry was going very well. My visit confirmed that opinion. I would even say this year has exceeded my expectations! Barush and Monse are eager to continue in this leadership role, so we discussed what needs to happen to make that possible.

I began to get a cold on Monday. God gave me strength to preach on Tuesday, but it got worse and I had to conserve my strength the rest of the week. Wednesday afternoon Ruth and I helped with the English conversation club and had lunch with students afterward. I rested and slept on Thursday until evening when we went to a Mexican wrestling match. Friday morning I met with one of the local pastors who have been assisting in the ministry. The afternoon was another conversation club followed by lunch and a wonderful end of the year party. Ruth and I greatly enjoyed our time in Mexico! We flew home on Saturday.

Along the way I have been communicating with the MTW people and the local pastors about continuing this ministry. We are all happy with the work of Barush and Monse, we just need to make sure the support structures are in place. Pray for God to supply all that’s needed to keep RUF at the UNAM going strong!

Now I am on my way to Atlanta for New Staff Orientation. I’ll return Thursday night.