May 24, 2016 — Summer Conference Week 3 Plus

Last week flew by! On Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15, I prepared a seminar on “Justification.” The campus minister previously assigned to it was unable to do it, so I was enlisted. I finished preparing at 11:00 pm Sunday. That’s not as arduous as it might sound; I spent a couple of hours on the beach in the afternoon!

I taught the seminar for an hour each morning, and filled much of the rest of the week meeting people – campus ministers and families that I supervise, and people from other parts of the country. Ruth joined the women at the wives lunch, and did some babysitting in the mornings. Benjamin had finished his finals at Grove City College and came with his roommate. They rode down with students from Millersville University and spent most of the week with them. Rankin Wilbourne, pastor at Pacific Crossroads Church in California, preached each night. His messages were full, but the students eagerly absorbed them.

We flew home on Friday and unpacked. On Saturday I paid the bills and headed to the Jersey Shore to catch the end of the Mid-Atlantic Summer Conference. Chris Garriott, at the University of Maryland, was the organizer. Daryl Wattley, from Delaware State, and several youth pastors also brought students. Kevin Twit, RUF campus minister at Belmont University in Nashville, preached on worship. Chris and Daryl began this conference last year because their schools end too late to get to the Florida conference. There was a great spirit and although small by RUF standards, it was a great success. I returned home Sunday afternoon.

This week we are working around the house and yard, managing the office, and preparing for the rest of the summer. Next Monday Ruth and I will fly to Mexico City to check up on our ministry there.