May 12, 2016 — Graduation and Meetings

Last week was good. Tom Cannon’s evening messages on our hope in Christ hit home with students. I met with the three ministers and one woman staff from my area who were here in Florida. We discussed personal and ministry matters, including how best to use the summer to position us for stronger ministry next year.

Friday morning Ruth and I flew to Wheaton, IL for Peter’s graduation. The family whose children he tutored while in Wheaton took us out for a lovely and delicious dinner Friday night. On Saturday Peter received his Ph.D. in Old Testament. His dissertation was on vineyard imagery in the Old Testament. It was wonderful to spend Saturday and Sunday with him. We were sad that Megan and the children could not come from Alaska, but we Skyped with them.

On Monday we returned to Panama City Beach for the second week of RUF Summer Conference. Area Coordinators and national staff leaders met for one of our bimonthly meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning. In addition to the usual policy and staff placement issues we discussed The Whole Christ, a new book by Sinclair Ferguson. It prompted wonderful reflection on our view of God, the gospel, and the law – as well as our own preaching and ministry. It’s a little dense, but if that doesn’t scare you, I highly recommend it.

For the rest of this week I plan to meet with Lucas Dourado and Joe Dentici. I also need to prepare a seminar for next week. The campus minister scheduled to teach on “Justification” cannot come, so I will fill in for him. Pray for God to help me prepare an excellent seminar.