May 4, 2016 — Back in Florida!

I’m back from my sabbatical, and already we’re off to Florida, where RUF’s Summer Conference is running.

You don’t want a full recounting of events during my 8 weeks of sabbatical (actually 7 weeks sabbatical + 1 week of vacation), so I won’t labor you with those details. Ruth and I took two weeks of true vacation – the first time the two of us have been away by ourselves for more than a couple of days since our honeymoon. That was wonderful! I read The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco – a medieval mystery with a lot of philosophy and theology included. I also read other books of varying significance. At home I worked through a long list of projects which I never get to in a normal year – like framing the children’s art work and organizing our extensive music collection.

The first week after a long absence is mainly catching up. Last Friday we raced through final household chores, a month of gardening, and packing so that we were ready for an early flight to Florida on Saturday. Three campus ministers and one woman staff from my area are here this week, and I will be meeting with each of them and taking their families out to dinner. I’m also busy with the normal email, and reading The Total Christ, by Tim Keller for a coordinators meeting next week. Pray for God’s blessing on these events.

Meanwhile the Summer Conference is rolling along. I will be taking pictures and posting on Facebook later today and tomorrow. Tom Cannon is preaching in the evenings and students are attending seminars in the morning. Pray for God to convert the lost and strengthen the believers here at this conference.

On a personal note, our son Peter just passed his final exams for his Ph.D. in Old Testament from Wheaton College. Graduation is on Saturday, so Ruth and I will fly there on Friday to attend.