February 29, 2016 — Delaware and Newport, RI

It’s leap day, and the last day of work before I depart for a sabbatical. More on that later.

I spent most of last week in the small state of Delaware where big things are happening. I had lunch with Scott Mitchell here in Bethlehem before heading to Newark, Delaware, to see Nick and Erin Owens at the University of Delaware. They had their first baby, Liam, last month. Everyone is fine, but of course Nick and Erin are beginning the process of learning to be parents. So far they’re doing great!

This is Nick’s first year, and his ministry is off to a strong start. I attended one of his Bible studies Tuesday night. Earlier Tuesday, and Wednesday morning we discussed how to continue developing his group. Pray for God to keep bringing students to RUF, and for Nick to grow in ministry.

I arrived at Delaware State in time for lunch on Wednesday with Daryl Wattley. We met in the afternoon, then I attended his meeting that night. It was a completely different set of people than I had met in the fall. It turns out that many of the students I met in the fall had graduated already. But Daryl has no trouble gathering students. They are also starting prayer groups in the dormitories. There is palpable energy in this ministry. Daryl is at the point where he needs to develop student leaders and shape his meeting into a true Large Group Meeting. A lot to do – but he’s on track. Pray for Daryl as he trains leaders and transitions to a Large Group Meeting.

Ruth and I drove to Newport, RI, on Friday for the New England RUF Winter Conference. It was a wonderful weekend. John Stone (my supervisor) spoke from the Psalms, and we loved spending time with staff and students.

RUF grants one week of sabbatical for each year of work for Area Coordinators, after seven years. Tomorrow it begins! Ruth and I are taking some vacation time, then I plan to do some substantial reading, visit family and friends, and work on some chores around the house. This will be my last post until I return, the last week of April. Pray for this sabbatical to be productive! So long until April!