February 21, 2016 — Atlanta and Millersville

Last Saturday I drove home from Providence, RI, after visiting and preaching at the RUF ministry at Brown/RISD. Sunday we raced out of worship and drove to Philadelphia to catch a plane to Atlanta. Ruth and I were arriving for RUF Winter Assessment, where we evaluate couples who are interested in RUF ministry.

Assessment is fun, in an exhausting way. We love meeting and getting to know couples (and an occasional single man) who want to join RUF. Most of them do, eventually, so it’s the beginning of a continual friendship. But the pace is challenging, especially for us introverts! This time there were 11 candidates. All were very good, and all were approved for RUF ministry! Now pray for God to provide openings for them.

We flew home Wednesday night, and Thursday I was off to Millersville to visit Trip and Joy Beans. They have been there less than three years, but the ministry is booming. The chief priority is training Bible study leaders, and Trip is on track to have two trained and ready by next fall, with two more in process. I visited his Bible study Thursday night and met students at lunch and afterwards on Friday. I had dinner with Trip and Joy Friday night, then drove home. Pray for God to continue developing these student leaders.

Tomorrow I’m driving to Delaware to see Nick and Erin Owens at the University of Delaware and Daryl Wattley at Delaware State.