February 17, 2016 — Minnesota, Kansas, Rhode Island

I’m racing to the finish line! I’ll begin a sabbatical on February 29, so I’m cramming as many campus visits into February as possible. Pray for stamina!

It was two and a half weeks ago, February 1, that I flew out to St. Paul, Minnesota, to visit Brandon and Erin Haan. I also got to meet baby Theo who was born a couple of months ago! I had dinner on Monday and lunch on Tuesday with student leaders. It snowed all day Tuesday, but this is Minnesota, so everything continued as normal. This is Brandon’s first year, and he is still finding his way around. Even so, he has a good ministry there. His biggest challenge is raising the funds to support it. He is working very hard and I have no doubts that the finances will come together, but it’s hard work. Pray for funding for the Haans’ ministry!

That Wednesday (February 3) I flew to Manhattan, Kansas, to see Jon and Tricia Dunning and Kansas State RUF. Compared to Minnesota, Kansas was warm and sunny! This is the year Jon began large group meetings, and the group is working out the kinks in that transition. I attended an inspiring Bible study Wednesday night, and met some students at noon prayer on Thursday. Jon and Tricia have a wonderful ministry at Kansas State! Pray for the Dunnings at Kansas State. I got home late Friday night.

Last week began with chores, reports, phone calls, and sermon preparation. On Wednesday I drove to Providence, RI, to see Eddie and Annie Park at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. Thursday I visited pastors and had dinner with Eddie and Annie. On Friday I met with Eddie and his intern, finished preparing my sermon, and preached at the Brown/RISD large group meeting. My message was from John chapter 3, Jesus the man from heaven, who gives us heavenly birth. Eddie and Annie have a terrific ministry at Brown and RISD, but it really keeps them on their toes. Pray for wisdom, perseverance, and rest! I drove home on Saturday.

Now Ruth and I are flying home from Atlanta – but I’ll report on this week in my next post.