February 1, 2016 — Connecticut and Vermont

I’m on my way to Minnesota – finally. Ruth and I got up at 4:00 a.m. so that I could catch a 5:45 a.m. flight, but it was delayed four hours.

Last Monday I had just entered the highway to Connecticut when a huge block of ice flew off a truck in front of me and smashed my windshield. I was unharmed. I tried to find a shop to repair it immediately, but no luck. So I returned home and dug out the snow from Ruth’s mother’s car, and two hours later I was back on the road. Praise God for protection, and for a second car!

In spite of everything I arrived in Connecticut in time for dinner with Lucas and Maggie Dourado. I spent all day Tuesday on campus at UConn talking with Lucas and his intern, and visiting a Bible study. This ministry has been energized by an influx of new members last fall, and the momentum is still going. Lucas led a wonderful Bible study with eager students. It is very difficult to engage UConn students, and Lucas and I had another of many discussions about UConn culture, Connecticut culture, the church in Connecticut, etc. We’re making progress here! Pray for more insight.

Wednesday I drove to Burlington, Vermont, and arrived in time for dinner with five students at the home of John and Megan Meinen. It was great to get to know these students better, and John and Megan are wonderful hosts. That evening John led a Bible study with two of those students plus five more who showed up. It was a fun, lively, and insightful meeting. The Meinen’s delightful daughter Willa, and dog Coulter added to the evening.

Like Millersville and Kansas State, the Vermont ministry is in that difficult transition from a ministry centered on the campus minister to one with trained student leaders. John is trying to minister to 50 students by himself, while beginning to train students to share this work. It’s a lot! We spent the day discussing how to manage this semester, and continued the discussion with Megan at dinner that evening. One possibility is Megan’s leading a women’s Bible study. John and Megan are a great team! Pray for wisdom and stamina.

On Saturday we got the windshield replaced. This week I’ll be at Minnesota and Kansas State. It’s supposed to be cold, but no snow.