December 13, 2015 — Staff Training in Denver

I got back yesterday from staff training, just in time to catch the meal part of our church Christmas program. It was a good week, and I didn’t get sick this time in Denver.

At this time last week I was on the plane to Denver. I got to my room by 9:00 PM – 11:00 Eastern time, so I was pretty tired. Monday began at 8:00 AM with meetings with the men I supervise, and my next substantial break was Thursday afternoon. But all the meetings and sessions went well and the time flew by. Thursday afternoon I was able to get some exercise, and that boosted my energy level.

Last year I was not feeling well by Thursday, and something was obviously wrong by Friday. I was dehydrated. This year I drank constantly and ran a humidifier in my room, so I felt fine all week.

I met individually with all the men I supervise, taught several sessions, met with other coordinators, and gave the Thursday morning devotional. I am very encouraged by the progress of our ministry.

This week coming up I’ll be in the office until Thursday, when I go to D.C. to meet with pastors and supporters. In addition to routine work, I will begin planning my spring semester travels.