December 20, 2015 — Trip to Virginia

Ruth and I just returned from a beautiful Christmas concert at First Pres. here in Bethlehem. After travels here and there and lots of activity, we’re ready to stay put and celebrate the incarnation of our Lord!

Last week I met with some people around town, worked on my spring semester travel calendar, did chores, and put up our Christmas tree. Benjamin arrived home from Grove City College on Wednesday.

On Thursday I drove to Springfield, Virginia, to meet with someone who is considering joining our team in Mexico City. He is already ordained, fluent in Spanish, and preaches every week. He’s spent two years in Latin America and has the urge to return. We had a wonderful evening, and I think he would be a terrific pastor for our RUF ministry in Mexico City. Please pray for God to call him to Mexico! Pray for both of us as we seek to know God’s leading in this.

While in northern Virginia I visited Seamas and Lindsay Whitesel. Seamas is a Lehigh alumnus who was involved in the formative years of our ministry. They’ve been in Bangladesh, so this was my first opportunity to see them for a while. We had a delightful visit.

On Friday I crashed the party of the Russian division of the State Department language school in Arlington. Christopher is in the midst of Russian studies and he signed me through security. It was an amazing program with a great buffet afterwards.

On the way home on Saturday I met with a man who is very interested in reviving the Hopkins RUF ministry. We talked for two and a half hours, covering a range of interesting subjects. We need to talk with others about how to proceed with a new RUF ministry in Baltimore.

This week I’m looking to take care of some unfinished business, then settle down to celebrate Christmas. I hope you also are enjoying this holiday season!