November 7, 2015 — Maryland and Philadelphia

Here it is a week later and again the agenda today is to rake leaves. But it’s a small price to pay for the beauty of the trees.

On Monday I drove to Maryland to see Chris Garriott in College Park. I was delayed in leaving because I actually did a chore – I replaced a broken light fixture. (Chores generally don’t get done during the semester.) Nevertheless I arrived in time for the evening Bible study, after which I had dinner with Chris and his intern, Anna Catherine.

RUF has a solid presence at the University of Maryland, but it definitely subsided a bit in the past two years during Chris’ illness. He’s back to full strength now, and the group is gaining strength as well. On Tuesday Chris, Anna Catherine, and I drove to McLean, Virginia, for the RUF Committee meeting. It was great to spend the morning with the men who oversee this ministry. I had a fascinating discussion at dinner with ten students. Pray for God to use Chris and these students to create a robust RUF at the University of Maryland.

Wednesday I drove back home to spend the afternoon with my supervisor, John Stone. Ruth and I had dinner with John that night. We always enjoy having John come to town.

On Thursday John and I went to Westminster Theological Seminary to recruit for RUF. Twenty six people came to our pizza lunch, and we spent the afternoon in individual conversations. That evening we had a reception with 20 people for further discussion. I think it was our best ever trip to Westminster, and several men are planning to come to our assessment this year. Pray for God to raise up men for RUF!

Yesterday I spent the whole time in office work. I’m writing this post today because I’m heading to New England tomorrow. The next two weeks are packed, so it might be hard to post again soon. We have our New England staff meeting tomorrow, then I’ll be in Cambridge for the week.