November 15, 2015 — Connecticut and Boston

Last Sunday I drove to Connecticut so I would be past the New York traffic in the morning. The New England staff met at UConn on Monday, and we had a wonderful day for sharing, praying, and some teaching. I drove to Boston that night to miss the Boston traffic.

It was nice to be in one place for the rest of the week. Tuesday morning I met with the RUF committee chairman for southern New England to discuss how to reach more students. I spent the rest of Tuesday with Nathan Dicks at Boston University. Most of his time last year had to be devoted to fund-raising. He still has a good bit of his budget to raise, but he has begun gathering students. I visited his Bible study Tuesday night.

Wednesday I drove north of Boston to Beverly and had a leisurely lunch with a Gordon-Conwell student who is interested in RUF. Then Jeremy Mullen and I spent the afternoon at Harvard and I visited the Harvard Large Group meeting Wednesday night. On Thursday we went to Noon Prayer, had lunch with a promising freshman, and discussed how to build RUF at Harvard. Jeremy has worked hard at this, but we’re still learning. One important insight is that RUF needs to be more obvious about how we help Harvard students advance their careers. It seems that to most Harvard students – even Christians – RUF appears to be a nice option when you have free time. And Harvard students never have free time! In talking to Eric Lipscomb at Columbia, it seems that the student body there is similar.

I didn’t avoid the Friday evening New York traffic, but I made it home in reasonable time. Now we’re flying to Atlanta for the November coordinators meeting. Yes, Ruth is with me! We’ll return Tuesday night, in time for Ruth’s class on Wednesday and for me to head down to Delaware.