October 18, 2015 — Vermont and Connecticut

I was supposed to be flying to Atlanta now, on an old plane without WiFi. My flight is delayed, so that gives me the opportunity to post this report from the Allentown airport.

Last week was wonderful! Ruth and I had a very nice couple of days in Montreal last weekend and drove to Burlington, Vermont, on Monday. We drove through beautiful Quebec farm country and stopped along the way at a quaint little restaurant, Captaine Pouf. We arrived in Burlington in time for a workout before dinner at my favorite restaurant downtown.

I spent all day Tuesday with John Meinen while Ruth worked on her classes from the hotel. John gathered almost 300 new contacts in the opening weeks of this fall! Students helped substantially with this outreach which was very good, since Megan delivered their baby the week before. Excitement is running high in Burlington! Megan’s mother helped a lot for three weeks while John and the students gathered new contacts and launched Bible studies. Ruth and I took John and Megan out to dinner Tuesday night, and then I attended the Tuesday Bible study. At least 16 students came out, and it was obvious that there is substantial leadership potential there.

John and I wrapped things up Wednesday morning before we left town. As with Kansas State and Millersville, the critical need now at Vermont is to train leaders. We have willing students, but it takes two years to train Bible study leaders fully. John and I sketched out a plan for this for this year. Pray for John as he trains Bible study leaders at Vermont!

Ruth and I stopped for lunch in Montpelier, a beautiful town along the way to Connecticut. Last week was the peak of the fall foliage season, and the landscape in Vermont was amazing. We took Lucas and Maggie Dourado to dinner Wednesday night.

I spent Thursday with Lucas. It has been hard to get traction at UConn, but this fall the response was better than in the past. I had a delightful meeting with Lucas’ intern, and had time for exercise before the Large Group meeting. Ruth and I were late due to several small snafus, but we arrived in time to hear Lucas give a wonderful sermon and meet his students. Most of them are new to RUF, but they were very friendly and interesting. Pray for these new students to stick with RUF.

Lucas and I discussed how to form a Ministry Team the next morning before Ruth and I left for home. We failed to avoid the New York traffic, but did manage to arrive in time for the Excelsior Homeschool Co-op Chili Cookoff, in which Ruth won first prize with her White Bean Chicken Chili. The prize was a mounted hatchet which you can see on her Facebook page.

So I’m heading to Atlanta for RUF Intern Training. Later this week I’ll be visiting Scott and Bonnie Mitchell at Lehigh University.