October 11, 2015 — Atlanta and Millersville

I was in Atlanta last week for meetings with RUF’s national oversight committee and the other coordinators. We discussed some important issues and made some necessary decisions. The time was well-spent.

On Thursday I drove to Millersville, PA, to see Trip and Joy Beans at Millersville University. That night I attended one of their three Bible studies. About a dozen students came out to study chapter 18 in Genesis. Trip led a lively discussion and concluded with good application.

Trip and I spent Friday discussing his ministry and how to move to the next stage. Like Jon Dunning at Kansas State and John Meinen at Vermont, Trip’s ministry has grown rapidly – faster than he can train leaders. This year he has 40 students, up from six two years ago! For now he has to do most of the leading, while also doing the training. It’s a lot of work! But Trip knows what he is doing, and I am confident that he will pull this off.

This week coming up I will be seeing John and Megan Meinen in Vermont, and Lucas and Maggie Dourado in Connecticut. Ruth is coming along, so we left Saturday to spend a couple of days in Montreal, which I had never visited and is only two hours from Burlington, Vermont. We’ve had a good visit here, and head to Burlington tomorrow.