September 21, 2015 — Delaware and New Jersey

Last Wednesday I stopped in New Jersey on the way to visit our new ministries in Delaware. Phil Henry contacted me several years ago shortly after he had arrived in the area to begin a discussion of bringing RUF to Rowan University. Phil was here to plant a church in the Glassboro area, and from the beginning he had a vision for a PCA campus ministry at Rowan. Mercy Hill church is growing and taking shape, and now it’s time to launch the RUF ministry. I met with Phil and two others from the church, and we decided on a plan to gather presbytery support with the goal of starting RUF at Rowan next summer. Pray for us!

On to Delaware State University in Dover, and the second of two weekly Bible studies. Daryl Wattley laid a strong foundation for this ministry last year, and it shows. He has worked hard to gather contacts, and each of his Bible studies is prospering. It was a diverse group – two Anglos in this historically Black university, a Korean on an exchange program, several from New York City, one from Haiti, several unbelievers, and a handful of students who roamed through just to grab a slice of pizza. Daryl led a good meeting and there were good questions afterward. I spent Thursday with Daryl, meeting more of his students and discussing how to continue developing the ministry.

I planned to get past Philadelphia before rush hour on Friday, but I stopped off in Newark, Delaware, to see Nick Owens at the University of Delaware. This is Nick’s first year, and he is still busy raising his support and learning how things work on campus. He’s doing well, and we had a wide-ranging discussion until I left at 3:15. I did not miss the Philadelphia rush hour. It must start at noon on Friday.

On Saturday Phil Henry brought up RUF at Rowan to his presbytery, and received a very encouraging response! Keep praying!

I’m heading to Kansas now to see Jon and Trish Dunning at Kansas State, then to St. Paul to see Brandon and Erin Haan at the University of Minnesota.