September 25, 2015 — Kansas and Minnesota

I have to leave the house at 5:00 AM to get to Manhattan, Kansas, before dinner. Monday’s travel to Kansas State University was uneventful, and I caught some time with Jon Dunning in the afternoon. That night we went to a Bible study for men in a fraternity. It started with a few men early in the semester, but 11 showed up this week! The student leader is a solid Christian, but none of the others are very active in their faith. Nevertheless, they knew the Bible fairly well, asked good questions, and really enjoyed the meeting. God is at work! I tumbled into bed 19 hours after waking up that morning.

I spent Tuesday with Jon, had lunch with him and Trisha, had coffee with the RUF committee chairman, and went to Large Group Tuesday night. This is the first semester the Large Group is meeting every week, and Jon had a lot of questions about it. This is the third year for RUF at Kansas State, and it is challenging. By now a lot of students are involved, but student leaders are not yet fully developed. Pray for Jon and Trisha as they work to build RUF there.

On Wednesday I flew to St. Paul to see Brandon and Erin Haan at the University of Minnesota. Chad Brewer started this group, but it was time for him to move on to California to start another. Brandon and Erin just got moved into their house in St. Paul last month, so they’ve been busy getting settled while learning their way around the university and launching the ministry this fall. And they are expecting a baby next month! In spite of all this, they seem happy to be in St. Paul, and the ministry is moving along. Transitions are tricky, and this one seems to be going fairly well. I spent Thursday with Brandon, and attended his Large Group meeting that night. Pray for Brandon and Erin!

I’m heading to Pennsylvania now, but not home. This weekend is Homecoming at Grove City College in northwest Pennsylvania where Benjamin is a freshman. Ruth is driving to Pittsburgh and I am flying there. Then we’ll drive to Grove City together for the weekend. Next week I’ll visit Pitt and Penn State.