September 14, 2015 — RUF in Mexico

I was not feeling well last week, but hotel and airline tickets were purchased, so I could not move my trip to Mexico. On Monday I slept on the way to the airport, in the air, and in the hotel until midnight. I felt better on Tuesday, but not full strength. By Thursday I was back into my normal exercise routine.

Although I was not at full strength, RUF in Mexico is as strong as ever. We deeply miss our long-term staff, Zurielly Martinez, but two new staff are doing a terrific job. Barush Sanchez and Monse Santiago have taken over the leadership and haven’t missed a beat. I began my day Tuesday by meeting with Larry Trotter, the country director for Mission to the World. The ministry is part of the work of MTW, and RUF serves as campus consultant. Larry and I clarified some communication issues, then went to the Large Group meeting where Larry preached from Philippians and Barush led worship. Afterward Larry and I met with the staff and two local pastors. Victor Cruz and Marco Escalante care deeply about this ministry and are providing local pastoral support for the staff. We discussed a few questions, but mainly just rejoiced in God’s grace in this ministry.

Wednesday and Friday I assisted with English Club, which is a primary means of outreach and recruitment. We always have lunch afterward to further relationships with those who come. Each day over 20 students showed up. I spent part of a day with Barush and Monse, and Friday night I joined the Independence Day party. This was held at a Christian coffeehouse operated by Barush and his wife Lanu. It is an amazing facility, and the party was exceptional.

God is at work in Mexico! Already this semester several people have become believers, some have begun attending church, others are growing closer to faith, and dozens of new students are participating. Pray for RUF in Mexico! Pray for Barush and Monse!

I stopped in Texas over the weekend to visit Ted and Patti Williams, parents of Joel, the first member and first president of RUF at Lehigh University. Joel died suddenly in July. I was unable to attend his funeral, so I visited with Ted and Patti to share our grief over Joel’s loss and treasure our memories.

Now I’m flying home. I’ll be home tomorrow, then head to New Jersey and Delaware to meet with pastors and campus ministers.