August 24, 2015 — A Windows 10 Week. Benjamin to Grove City!

Windows 10 has arrived. Note the lack of exclamation point. I was happy with Windows 7 and willing to keep it for many years. But like the horse and buggy, old technology gets out of date, and we need to keep up with the times. The difference is, the times change every couple of years instead of every century.

The nice thing about a tech project is that when it’s finished, you have something tangible to show for your work. I prefer ministry, but in working with people your job is never finished. But the nasty thing about tech projects is that they always include frustrating unforeseen problems. It’s a hazardous undertaking to attempt a Windows upgrade unless you have a week to fix all the problems that arise. Well, last week I had several days, so I launched in. And now I am pleased to announce that you are receiving this post from a successful Windows 10 installation. I am relieved, but not celebrating.

This is a two part post. The other big event, bigger event, last week was taking Benjamin to Grove City College. In spite of Ruth’s apocalyptic warnings about the volume of Benjamin’s possessions, we fit everything into the Buick LeSabre. It’s a beautiful five-hour drive to northwestern Pennsylvania, so we drove there on Wednesday to be on hand for an 8:40 AM move-in. After spending 10 years moving in hundreds of Lehigh freshmen, it’s a happy occasion to be on the receiving end of move-in help. Benjamin has a nice roommate from near Seattle. We met the president and the head of the business school and had a pleasant day. Then we drove home five hours in the rain.

Nothing is scheduled for this week. Astonishing! So now I’m buckling down to plow through accumulated projects, one of which is finishing my fall travel plans. Meanwhile, on campuses all across America, students are returning and classes are beginning. Pray for a powerful movement of God’s Spirit among students!