August 31, 2015 — Travel Plans, Meetings, Etc.

It’s August 31. Arghhh! Although the calendar shows three more weeks of summer, the summer season is effectively over. I’m not likely to get any sympathy from the campus ministers who read this, however, because summer ended for them weeks ago.

Speaking of which, please pray for RUF ministers, interns, and students as this new academic year fires up. This is the most important time for campus ministry, and we can use your prayers. If you’d like to get weekly email prayer requests from me, email Bonnie Mitchell and she will put you on the list.

So I’m wrapping up preparation for my fall travels. Last week I made two trips to the dentist and weeded most of the yard. I filled in a lot of details on my calendar, bought plane tickets, and made hotel reservations. Bonnie and I worked on getting MailChimp ready to use for group emailings. (Being interpreted, this means that I came up with ideas and Bonnie did all the work!) On Thursday I caught up with some friends and supporters. On Friday afternoon Ruth and I drove to Arlington to visit Christopher. Daniel and Ginny came over from Annapolis, Maryland, and we went out to a nice Ethiopian restaurant.

This week I hope to finish my fall calendar, start working on my winter Sunday School class, and be ready to fly to Mexico a week from today.